Thollem / Parker / Cline – The Gowanus Session (CD Porter)

The kind of free jazz that may lead to enamel cracking from teeth spontaneously for inexperienced listeners. This automatically implies that also for the more initiated listener there’s a lot to discover here and specifically in this case there are quite a few instant moments of ecstasy. The hectic-ness that the 3 men can bring about is enormous, mainly performed in meticulously mapped dialogues between piano, bass and guitar. Particularly the latter instrument making the difference because the role is not limited to typical difficult finger picking but from time to time adds value that would not sound out of place with an average noise collective. The highlight is the 15 minute battle 'lives', where all registers open. Somewhere around halfway we become part of the chaos so that we no longer have any sense of time and within less than 10 minutes we are again left to our own devices. The music is dedicated to the late Italian composer & double bass specialist Stefano Scodanibbio. PvdG