TRAPIST Ė The Golden Years (CD Staubgold)

Sometimes one finds them, bands with an enigmatic aura that successfully stay below the radar. By never having heard of Trapist, and finding out that it's a trio consisting of Martin Brandlmayr on drums, Martin Siewert on guitars & electronics and Joe Williamson on bass, I must admit that I have missed out on something. This statement is supported by reading the impressive list of names the guys worked with, but most importantly it is confirmed by listening to The Golden Years. Adding to the riddle (or maybe a key part of it) is their very limited output in 12 years. The Golden Years is their 3rd release, following their Highway My Friend (Hat Hut, 2002) and Ballroom (on Thrill Jockey (2004).

The music can be described as jazzy psychedelica, or some kind of extreme laidback jazzrock  (sometimes sounding like Squarepusher at one third of its original speed). I donít believe the compositions are improvised, for that they just too perfect. Just listen to the richly textured harmonics and overtones that come into existence at several instances, or focus on the extremely controlled modesty of Pisa, a live performance in Italy and find yourself becoming part of the mysterious world they create. Nice also is that all the promises they make with the suspense created at several instances are carried out. On the epic The Spoke and the Horse the guitar that kicks in at around the 4 minute mark, feels like the first refreshing droplets of rain at the end of an extremely hot and dry day. And I could come up with a few other metaphors describing just how good this record is. PvdG