Troum Ė  Mare Idiophonika (CD Tourette Records)

Troum came out of Maeror Tri a well-known and respected trio. When the line-up went down to Glit[S]ch and Baraka[H] they became Troum.

Troum is the old German word for dream and the previous few releases Iíve heard by Troum have always reminded me of Tangerine Dream around the mid-70s to early 80s. ďThe Self Playing OceanĒ the only track on this just shy of an hour album carries on reinforcing that view for me.

The piece itself is a studio version of a track that was played live on tour in 2007. Though one long track it could easily be broken up into three separate pieces or movements. It starts with a deep pulsating drone, almost like a sampled voice, and this carries on as the foundation for other sounds to join in, slowly adding atmosphere and weight to the sound.  You canít help but make comparisons to albums like TDís Phaedra and Ricochet at this first section of ďThe Self Playing OceanĒ. The layers of sounds get denser and thicker as the piece goes on until about 20 minutes in where some tom tom rolls fade in and after a few minutes the drone basis that we started with fades away.  Itís here I see the second section as beginning. The drums end up more or less solo for a minute or two until drones and layers start to creep back in and slowly build the atmosphere back up again and weíre firmly back in ambient industrial territory. It continues in this fashion until the piece once again dissolves down to a sole rhythm. The third and final section is again rhythm less. Keyboard based string sounds (and nearer the end what sounds like an oboe) giving this final section a more soundtrack type of feel and going through various emotions and atmospheres for a final 20 minutes  until it all fades and drifts away.

I would really have like to have seen this split into three sections as from a personal perspective I really enjoyed the 1st and 3rd sections of this but wasnít so struck by the middle part. I would have liked to have been able to see how it worked by putting the 1st and 3rd parts together. But thatís a minor quibble and overall itís pretty solid release from Troum and one thatís sits well with the rest of their fairly extensive back catalogue. DB