Turbulent Times - #9 The mid-life crisis issue (fanzine)

Well itís been long, long time since I last saw or read a copy of Turbulent Times but John Eden has decided go back to good old fashioned hard copy and after a gap of 15 years here is issue #9 The mid-life crisis issue.

It has made a welcome change having an A5 48 (I think) page magazine to read, rather than browsing numerous blogs and I hope this is more than just a one off edition and that #10 isnít 15 years away.

Contents wise you get a good smattering of industrial/power electronics and noise musicians with interviews with old hands like Nigel Ayers and GX Jupitter-Larsen to newer names like Libbe Matz Gang and GRMMSK. There's a piece on Dubnoise (now there's a new genre) And a enjoyable piece entitled "My Summer of NoiseĒ where John reports back on a group of noise gigs he went to. Particularly interesting and entertaining are his thoughts and musings on Philip Best and Consumer Electronics.

Thereís not really any part of this issue of Turbulent Times that is anything other than readable and enjoyable and itís made me remember how exciting the fanzine/magazine scene used to be when you could pick up and read magazines like Fractured, Compulsion, Headpress, Grim Humour and of course Progress Report without needing a browser to find them.

Buy a copy and support John's efforts. DB.

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