Ulrich Troyer -  Songs For William 3 (CD 4Bit Productions)

Some might already be familiar with Troyer through his work with Vienna’s The Vegetable Orchestra, who have existed for over 20 years now and are known for their performances and recordings using, you guessed it, only vegetables as a sound source. As a solo artist, however, he keeps to the paths worn by the kinda dub best reserved for hangovers, equally gentle techno undercurrents, ambient music and the worlds they create whenever converged. Once in a while, there will be a surprising embellishment, such as the hazily woven vocoded mumbling, but it’d be something of an exaggeration to claim Songs For William 3 doesn’t largely adhere to the template settings from which most such music has arisen. It’s all done well enough, and has a touchingly breezy and playful feel, but neither pretends to be anything other than what it is. Would be interesting to see how he’d fare with this music using a few carrots and a turnip, though. RJ.

Contact: 4bitproductions.com