Franck Vigroux -  We (nous autres) (CD DíAutres Cordes Records)

Franck Vigroux has a pretty extensive back catalogue from 2005 to now and has worked with various well known figures within experimental music such as Elliott Sharp, Mika Vainio, Zeena Parkins and Marc Ducret.

Itís Mika Vainio though who seems to be the most obvious candidate to have left a very big impression on Franck on We (nous autres) his first solo release for two years.

Thereís a huge nod in the direction of Pan Sonic going in here with large deep pulsing bass sounds  and snappy sounding intermittent snares that sound like they wouldnít be out of place on Pan Sonicís A or Aaltopiiri. Thatís not  though to say that  We( nous autres) is just a Pan Sonic tribute record. Franck has taken his influences and made something more of his own from them. So in between these more minimal Techno inspired moments are blasts of subtle noise and more industrial based soundscapes that add an extra dimension of added interest to an already accomplished and engaging album. DB