Valina – Container (CD on Trost)  

A rock album on Trost, now who would expect that to happen. And an even pretty straightforward one. An absolutely great discovery for me as I wasn’t aware of these guys calling themselves Valina, all though they seem to have been around for  20 years or so already. Produced by Steve Albini, the created expectations are partly met, yes, there’s bombast and pounding bass drums, but Container is mainly an intriguing and ravishing collection of nine tracks that almost create the feel of a concept album, timeless and immersive in its global aspirations.  

Valina are a trio from Linz, Austria and 2014’s Container is their fourth full length album. Opium Days immediately sets the tone, a created urgency that stays throughout the rest of the album. Aileen is a dark tale of love, Empty wallet (Don’t you dare to scare me!) a post-hardcore killer track, too short but immersive still and (The Assasination of) Perito Moreno is truly outstanding mathrock. The album sometimes echoes the days of Tragically Hip’s drama but as it goes with echoes, they fade out rapidly,      so they do not obscure the cornucopia of postrock gemms container is.   

On Container, Valina again does not disappoint, with its aestehetics steeped in the vaults of seventies prog, eighties bombast and nineties tragic. ‘What’s in it for me’, it goes on Opium Days, and that questions creates the sense of urgency, actual, relevancy throughout the entire disk. ‘What’s in it for me?’; well, what about a mathrock killer album that is reminiscent of postrock’s fire, distant prog and a simple epic rock anthem. PvdG