Vidna Obmana & David Lee Myers - Tracers (CD Zoharum)

Zoharum have, for a while now, been reissuing Dirk Serries work that he had released under the Vidna Obmana moniker. Vidna Obmana started back in 1985 and Dirk continued releasing work under this name until 2007 (he mostly works as Fear Falls Burning now). Vidna Obmana collaborated with many other artists (Klinik, PBK, Bass Communion amongst others) and on this, the fourth reissue in the series, he is working with David Lee Myers (better known as Arcane Device).

Tracers was originally released on the German Klanggalerie label in 2003. For this re-issue the album has been remastered by Dirk.
Vidna and David Lee Myers provided each other with a range of source material that they both worked in their separate studios in New York and Belgium.

The album is divided into 8 sectors and is designed to represent a journey through underground passages and catacombs underneath waterways. Traveling through fog, vapours and bringing up/dredging up, old memories. The mixture of drone, ambient and old school industrial does a good job of representing this. Itís swathes of hums, throbs and harmonics conjuring up an unsettling atmosphere.

The album slots nicely into the mentioned combination of ambient and the softer side of old school industrial; having noises that arenít just there to act as a background but also are not so intrusive that they remove the atmosphere the album is trying to convey.

Itís a pleasant listen and one Iíve returned to several times already but some additional tracks (if there were any) from the sessions might have been something to make it more special. The gap between pieces is also something I would have liked to have removed so that it was one long continuous piece. That would have made itís flow slightly more satisfying.

I enjoy discovering or rediscovering artists from comprehensive re-issue series so it will be good to see what other Vidna Obmana goodies Zoharum come up with.