Christian Wolfarth - Scheer (CD Hiddenbell Records)


Two thankfully not overly lengthy pieces by a Swiss percussionist here using cymbals to weave a series of unremarkable timbres and tones together only punctuated by some minimal clanking and clanging. If more forgiving (or tired) I might claim it effective enough, but ultimately this isnít that far removed from the work of certain metal percussionists such as the late Zíev or Polandís Hati. Given Wolfarthís background in free jazz I was anticipating music of a similarly far-reaching standard as Eddie Prevostís excellent Loci of Change, so Scheer was a tad disappointing. The final minute or two of the first piece unleashes something more physical and rhythmic, but itís not afforded the chance to develop Creating drones from cymbals, the same as harvesting them from any sound source, just seems too easy and predictable these days. Curious how this compares to his other work, though. RJ