Wzt Hearts - Threads Rope Spell Making Your Bones (CD Carpark Records)

Baltimore band with a funny name that they insist is pronounced 'Wet Hearts.' Clearly they have been let down by the Baltimore education system. A big woosh intro heralds a big wooshing album and that can only mean one thing - go see them live. Bet they have a great light show. Los of strobes and deep colours you know? Like a rock band raised on late-period Merzbow and God Speed they go hell for leather for the larger, denser end of the aural experience, and to hell with the bit rate on his Commodore 64.

But everyone needs a moment of reflection. 'Jeep Uzi' clanks and squeaks to itself before we rise slowly back up to the glitched, echoed woosh. Those with a worryingly large collection of Touch electronica and the softer end of Japanese Noise may well enjoy it.

The Sun came out today so I strolled on the seafront listening to the album while watching the Sun glint off the waves. It made more sense that way but I don't want to hear it again.

Presented in a digipak with densely chaotic artwork. HM

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