WIRES UNDER TENSION – Replicant (CD Western Vinyl)

Progrock revisited and very successfully restyled for another generation. Very exciting release on Western Vinyl by South Bronx duo Christopher Tignor and Theo Metz, together forming Wires under Tension. This is music made for fun and it has the right ingredients to engage you very easily into hypnotic daydreaming, albeit a rockin’ daydream. The tracks mix electronics with violins, bass, sampled voices and drums, lots of drums. Sometimes it reminded me of the better work from Richard H. Kirk, who specialised in creating simple, repetitive funky electronic dance music with that extra something that made you keep coming back for more. Mostly the music however comes the closest to energetic mathrock and has a boldness that is not heard often before, it is simple, straightforward and yet addictive.  

These guys understand very well that the ferocious percussion they use forms the backbone to which against everything else they do is measured. Playing live, for example as a support act for Battles, they would without any doubt create the right conditions for a thrilling experience. PvdG.

Contact: www.westernvinyl.com