Wolf People – Fain (CD Jagjaguwar)

I seem to have got to the Wolf People party a little late. They’ve been spoken about and feted all over the place for the last couple of years but apart from catching half their set supporting Wooden Shjips at the Scala in 2011 it all seemed to slip past me.

So when Fain arrived it seemed the time had come to put all the praise I’d heard about them to the test. I have to admit to having some trepidation for anything that has ever had the label folk put on it but Fain has almost made me take a look at the genre with fresh eyes.

Perhaps folk is not the best genre to put Fain in. It’s more of a mixture of Blues, Folk and Rock all  melded together to create a really strong set of songs that stands the test of repeated listening and manages to avoid getting too familiar.

As with most bands Wolf People are a sum of their whole, take away one element and you no longer have the same sound/feel. But to put that to one side you have to acknowledge the importance of the lead guitar work of Joe Hollick. He gets a beautiful tone from his Gibson Firebird and his melodic restrained lead lines contrast nicely with the areas where he decides to push the overdrive up slightly and hit us with something more powerful.

It’s easy with Wolf People to cite the obvious influences from the Groundhogs, to Fairport Convention to early Fleetwood Mac. But Wolf People are definitely more than just a collection of influences they’re writing great songs, backed up by a really well mixed and produced album. 

Definitely a very strong contender for album of the year. DB.

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