Yoshi Wada - Earth Horns with Electronic Drone (3xLP EM Records / Edition Omega Point)

Slow, low, stripped back to the elemental. Tonal formations conjured and released within the confines of a gallery in New York State. An environment emerges, one manifested by sound. Harmonics in tune with the AC electric hum of the room. Use what's there; be guided by the nature of the environment. Extended playing because nature is perceived as an extended time line, to the point that time folds and cracks. All things happen at once but your brain can't process it so it perceives it as linear time; as ageing, when all it is is an awareness of the multi-dimensional qualities of a pin point placement. Psychoacoustics alter states. 

Between 2 and 5pm on the weekend of the 23rd and 24th of February 1974 Yoshi Wada (10' pipe horn and synth), Barbara Stewart (10' pipe horn), Garret List (20' pipe horn) and Rhys Chatham (20' pipe horn) sat on the wooden floor of the Everson Museum of Modern Art and shifted the atmosphere and warped time with low frequency drones. It would interesting to hear if those present moved in the room to hear tones and overtones accentuated, then diminished by the position of the listener. An experiment we can do at home. After all the recording is not the event. The recording is a different medium and place all together. Make it your own, complete with occasional and very slight vinyl surface noise. 

An exceptionally important recording that's up there with LaMonte Young and crew, but also The Harmonic Choir's 'Hearing Solar Winds' LP, a personal favourite. Wada's album comes in a truncated double-cd form (only 77 minutes long) or a triple LP form which contains the whole  162 minute session. There is also a 'Special Edition' of 50 copies that comes with the triple LP, triple CDr, inserts and lord knows what else. I've never seen it.

This standard, very well pressed, heavy vinyl edition comes sleeved with a fold-out reproduction poster of for the show designed by George Maciunus and a 4 page booklet of pictures and liner notes by Wada in Japanese and English. The beautiful pictures were taken at various performances around New York. HM

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