Richard Youngs – Iker (CD Fourth Dimension)

Having heard a sketch by Richard in which he used a Spanish guitar Fourth Dimension suggested he release a whole CD album of similar material using the Spanish guitar next to real time sounds such as birdsong, tape loops and FM radio.

It’s an interesting concept and certainly a pretty unique one. The five tracks on here are pretty gentle on the ear and the guitar is the predominant instrument in each piece. I don’t find the whole album appeals to me but then I don’t really enjoy the sounds of the Spanish guitar or the work of John Fahey or Sir Richard Bishop whose music I’ve seen this album compared to.

When it does works for me it’s good. Track two where the guitar is playing a more complex sounding bit of music using chords rather than single notes and with some FM radio and other undetermined sounds in the background is the most compelling track and this along with the last piece “Street Feeling” are the ones I’ve come back to the most. “Street Feeling” is the longest piece at almost 10 minutes and has the most going on behind the guitar. There’s street sounds and synth adding more texture and variety.

All in all, not an album that works for me but if you’re into artists like Sir Richard Bishop or John Fahey it may well work for you.