MIA ZABELKA – M (CD Monotype Records)

Celebrating almost 25 years of electro-acoustic weirdness with a central role for violin, contemporary improviser Mia Zabelka delivers here with M an album that in a way sounds timeless. Trying to estimate it’s recording period without prior knowledge would be rather difficult, it could have been recorded at any time in the last 40 years or so ; almost new-age sounding snare picking on Körperklangmaschine, a minimal music composer on Opus M and beautifully mourning on Malstrom are alternated with dark collages where Zabelka tries to exorcise her most intimate demons. From time to time not always easy listening, but on M things become nowhere harsh or violent, in most of the cases her violin is an instrument used to hypnotize, and having played with the likes of John Zorn and Alvin Curran, Zabelka knows how to keep things stirring throughout the 60 minutes of mainly avant-garde. Or, as Pauline Oliveros states in the liner notes ; “Mighty mistress of the contemporary violin takes you further into the sounds with Malstrom”. She proves to be right, and I would even add that this is the case with all material on M. PvdG.

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