Mia Zabelka + Asferico - The Broken Glass (CD Storung)


Austria’s Mia Zabelka has been a prolific presence on the landscape of contemporary avant-garde music since the mid-1980s. Combining her violin with musique concrete, field recordings and a decidedly oblique approach to composition, the albums of hers I already own are remarkably accessible for the most part. Over the course of the three compositions here, recorded in collaboration with Spanish DJ/sound artist Alex Gamez, a.k.a. Asferico, who has been releasing music since 2006 and appears to have arrived from a background in techno, this proclivity for accessibility seems greater than ever. By this, of course, I don’t mean that this alludes to sheen. Rather, I refer to the context of this medium. Most people will still find this difficult to engage with, but there’s something about the elements easing into each other which illustrates an ambition to reach beyond the more difficult realms such music is usually consigned to. It works well, though. Field recordings, momentary jarred melodic refrains, industrial sounds, a glimpse of violin perhaps and techno pulses all converge in a bright organic setting utterly capable of pulling your mind-strings all the way along. Highly absorbing. RJ

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