Jason Zeh & Ben Gwilliam - Dots (CD Extrapool, Korm Plastics)

The smallest of things. An unforeseeable result of process and movement. A scratch delineates silence from presence. Sections form and fall with the emphasis on placement rather than linear a projection. 

From here spills a churning flow; machine wheels spin out tonal harmonics. Tape break. High end tone and a slight undertow to shift the panorama.  

Rather than using tape to record, the tape -or the medium- becomes the instrument in itself. Through manipulating, heating and freezing the tape it becomes an active object rather than a passive medium which merely recorded. The magnetic fields altered and warped, fucked and burnt. Process and machinery. The realigning of magnetic fields on tape through these 'other' more physical means are a process worth working with.  

Tinnitus and the sound of your room play a part. Another useful release in the immaculate Brombron series. HM

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