7K Oaks - 7000 Oaks
Aalfang Mit Pferdekopf - Mutatis Mutandis
A Hawk and a Hacksaw and the Hun Hangar Ensemble - s/t
Acid Mothers Temple and the Melting Paraiso UFO - The Ripper at the Heaven's Gates of Dark
Monty Adkins - Four Shibusa
Analogue Society - Mechanical Restraint
Horace Andy - Feel Good All Over
Angel - Kalmukia
Angels of Light - We Are Him 
Arbeit/Beauchamp/Palumbo - Torino 012010
Martin Archer - English Common Flowers
Asva and Philippe Petit - Empires Should Burn...
The A Trio - Music To Our Ears
Ask - The Formulary of Curses
Badland - The Society of the Spectacle
Derek Bailey, Mick Beck and Paul Hession - Meanwhile, Back in Sheffield
Simon Balestrazzi - The Sky is Full of Kites
Bailterspace - Trinine
Pascal Battus and Alfreddo Costa Monteiro - Felure
The Beautiful Schizophonic - Musicamorosa
Mick Beck - Life Echoes
Bee Mask - Elegy For Beach Friday
Beequeen - Sandancing
Andrea Belfi - Knots
Robert Belfour - What's Wrong With You
Andreas Bertilsson - Paramount
Mario Bertoncini - Arpe Eolie Boxed
Bio + Larkian + Les Poissons Autistes – s/t
Birds of Passage - Winter Lady
Black to Comm - Earth
Blind Cave Salamander/Pietro Riparbelli/K11 - The Nietzche Fabrik Sessions / Transmission
Alberto Boccardi -s/t
Bong - Mana-Yood-Sushai
Boogarins - As Plantas Que Curam
Borbetomagus - Trente Belles Amees
Alexei Borisov - Before The Evroremont
Alessandro Bosetti - Expose
Paul Bradley and Cria Cuervos, with Andrew Liles - Moraines II 
Paul Bradley and Colin Potter- The Simple Plan
Brother Sun Sister Moon - S/T
Byetone - Symeta
John Cage - Cartridge Music
John Cale - Conflict and Catalysis
CA Quintet - Last Trip at Lake Pepin
Can Khan Oral - Angels in Disguise
Canyons of Static - Farewell Shadows
Kim Cascone - Kim Cascone - The Knotted Constellation (Fourteen Rotted Coordinates)
Centrozoon - Lovefield
Centrozoon - Boner
The Chap - We Are Nobody
Chapter 24 and Philippe Petit - The Red Giant Meets the White Dwarf
Anne-James Chaton and  Andy Moor - Transfer
Henri Chopin - La Plaine des Respirs
Cindytalk - A Life is Everywhere
Clockwork Orchestra - Friends without Names
Codeine - When I See the Sun sampler
COH - Strings
COH and Cosey Fanni Tutti - COH Plays Cosey
Coil - Porto 21st June 2003
Jim Coleman - Trees
Colleen - Les Ondes Silencieuses
Nicolas Collins - Devil's Music
Osvaldo Coluccino - Neuma Q
Container- LP
Mike Cooper - White Shadows in the South Seas
Coppice - Holes/Tract
Coppice - Compound Form
Culver and Seppuku - Dedicated to Soledad Miranda
Ami Dang - Hukam
Kashiwa Daisuke - Program Music I
Dead Country - Gestalt et Death
CeDell Davis - The Horror Of It All
Girolamo De Simone - Shama
Delia Derbyshire - Electrosonic
Cyril Diaz - Taboo
Dreamscape - La Di Da
Driphouse - LP
Droughter - Skin Gentleman's Club
Duprass - Galut (Diaspora)
El Doom and the Born Electric - S/T
Jono El Grande - The Choko King
Emeralds - Just to Feel Anything
Ensemble Progresivo - Progressions
eRikm and  Michel Doneda - Razine
Explosions in the Sky - Take Care Take Care
Expo'70 and Be Invisible Now! - Split CDEP
Exxasens - Eleven Miles
Fennesz and Sakamoto - Flumina
Fennesz - Seven Stars
Ferran Fages - For Pau Torres
Ferran Fages, Jean- Philippe Gross, Will Guthrie - LMC Members Series
Ferreyra/Menard/Smalley - Fylkingen Electronic Music Competition 1975
Fordell Research Unit - The Illusion of Movement
Chris Forsyth - Kenzo Deluxe
Reinhold Friedl - Inside Piano
Fuxa - Electric Sound of Summer
Fuxa - Dirty D
Gaggle - The Brilliant and The dark : Live at the ICA
Hartmut Geerken - Amanita
Ron Geesin - A Raise of Eyebrows
Gnome and Spybey - Beyond Willie's Place
GoGooo - Long, Lointain
Grails - Deep Politics
Grouper - The Man Who Died in his Boat
Gruel - S/T
Gudrun Gut - Wildlife
Laurel Halo - Quarantine
Mary Hampton - My Mother's Children   
Sten Hanson - My Galloping Heart
Sten Hanson - Text Sound Compositions
Hard Coming Love - S/T
Harmonia - Live 1974
Hanna Hartman - H^ 2
PJ Harvey - White Chalk
Russell Haswell and Florian Hecker - Kanal Gendyn
Steve Hauschildt - Tragedy and Geometry
Hauschka & Hildur Guđnadóttir – Pan Tone
Johannes Helden -  Title Sequence
Hello Skinny - S/T
Bill Hill - Maps and Signs
Ian Holloway & Darren Tate - Wet Rat Year
William Hooker with Eyvind Kang and Bill Horist - The Seasons Fire
Hototogisu - Floating Japanese Oof! Gardens of the 21st Century
Humcrush with Sidsel Endresen - Ha!
Giuseppe Ielasi - August
Marielle V Jakobsons - Glass Canyon
Jesus on Mars - S/T
JK Flesh - Posthuman
Daniel Jones and David Papapostolou - Leaving Room
Rolf Julius - Raining
Yuri Kalendarev - Sound Sculptures
Ernst Karel – Swiss Mountain Transport Systems
Kassel Jaeger - Ritual de la Mort du Soleil
Julia Kent - Green and Grey
Julia Kent and Barbara de Dominicis - Parallel 41
Eli Keszler - Catching Net
Ustad Abdul Halim Jaffer Khan - 75th Celebration Swara Sadhana
Ustad Shujaat Hussain Khan - Amore :Music of Love
Kid606 - Happiness
Adrian Klumpes - Be Still
Koolaid – (Global Tyranny)
Felix Kubin – TXRF
Christina Kubisch - Armonica
Christina Kubisch - Magnetic Flights
Christina Kubisch - Mono Fluidio
Klapper Küchen - Irregular
Yannis Kyriakides - Resorts and Ruins
Yannis Kyriakides – Airfields
Jean-Francois Laporte - Sound Matters
Thomas Lehn and Marcus Schmickler - Live Double Séance
Ranta Lewis and  Plank - Mu
Liberez - Sane Men Surround
Andrew Liles - Anal Aura Gram(ophone)
Andrew Liles - Mind Mangled Trip
Andrew Liles - Miscellany
Andrew Liles - Muldjewangk, Morgawr and other Monsters
Andrew Liles & Jean-Hervé Peron - Fini!
Andrew Liles and Fovea Hex - Gone Every Evening
Pär Lindgren - Electronic Music  
Jon Lloyd - Four and Five 
Longstoned - Remixes
Luminance Ratio - Like Little Garrisons Besieged
Lustmord - The Word as Power
Machinefabriek - Daas 
Machinefabriek - Vloed 
Machinefabriek - Veldwerk
Luciano Maggiore and Francesco Brasini - How to Increase Light in the Ear
Maison Neuve - Joan
Keeril Makan - Target
Andrea Marutti and Fausto Balbo - Detrimental Dialogue
Master Musicians of Bukkake - Totem 3
Mark McGuire - Get Lost
Melody's Echo Chamber - S/T
Getatchew Mekuria and The Ex and Friends - Y'Anbessou Tezeta
Daniel Menche - Guts
Merzouga - Mekong Morning Glory
Minoy and PBK - Cloisters
Mirt - Artificial Field Recordings
Monos - Above the Sky
Annelies Monseré / Richard Youngs  - three:four split series volume 3
Moondog and His Honking Geese - Playing Moondog's Music
Moondog and His Friends - Moondog's Next 10"
Ninni Morgia and Marcello Magliocchi - Sound Gates
Phil Mouldycliff and Colin Potter - Trajectories : Christmas Island
Phil Mouldycliff - Written on Water
Mugstar- Axis
Mugstar - Serra (Distant Sun) remix
Mugstar - Lime 
Toshimaru Nakamura and John Butcher - Dusted Machinery
Congo Natty - Jungle Revolution
Johannes Nilsson - Luxemburg 91 Soundtrack
Nisennenmondai - Destination Tokyo
Nurse With Wound - Man With The Woman Face -  bonus material
Nurse With Wound - ŘD LOT 
Nurse With Wound and Larsen - Erroneous
Stephen O'Malley and Steve Noble - St Francis Duo
Ocean Sounds - Marine Mammals and Fish of Lofoten and Vesterĺlen
Tim Olive - The Specialist
Tim Olive and Katsuri Mouri - Various Histories
Om - Advaitic
ORA - Morgendammerung
Bill Orcutt - How the Thing Sings
The Orkustra - Light Shows for the Blind 
Fabio Orsi - Wo Ist Behle?
Outward Sound Ensemble - Thunder in a Clear Sky
pacificUV - Weekends
Paul Panhuysen - A Magic Square of 5 to Look At, A Magic Square of 5 
Lee Patterson - Egg Fry #2
PBK - Descent
Peaking Lights - Lucifier
Peepholes - The Overspill!
Philippe Petit -Fire-walking to Wonderland
Hervé Perez and Martin Archer - The Inclusion Principle 
Petrels - Haeligewielle
Angelo Petronella - Rimandi e Scoperte
Pharmakon - Abandon
Stefano Pilia - Action Silence Prayers  
Pirate Ship Quintet - Rope for the No-hopers
Poison Idea – Darby Crash Rides Again: The Early Years
P.O.P - Tabriz
Colin Potter and Michael Begg - Fragile Pitches
Henri Pousser - Pétales De Réve Dans Le Paravent Du Vieux Moine
Povarovo - Tchernovik
Praed – Made in Japan
Precious Jules - S/T
Psicomagia - s/t
Eliane Radigue - Vice Versa etc... and Triptych
Shubhendra Rau and Partha Sarothy- The Ancient WeaveSense World Music
Rella The Woodcutter - I Know When It’s Time to Get the Fuck Away
Rella The Woodcutter - The Golden Undertow
Pietro Riparbelli - Radio Drama Collapse
Alexander Rishaug - Shadow of Events
Eugene S.  Robinson and Philippe Petit - Last of the Dead Hot Lovers
Eugene S Robinson and Philippe Petit - The Crying of Lot 69
Claudio Rocchetti - Another Piece of Teenage Wildlife
Sankt Otten - Sequencer Liebe
Minoru Sato  (m/s, SASW) + Asuna - Texture in Glass Tubes and Reed Organ
Scald Rougish - Bytreqw
Scanner and David Rothenberg - You Can't Get There From Here
Steven Severin - Vampyr
Shalabi Effect - Feign to Delight Gaiety of Gods
Ghada Shbeir - Passion : Chants Syriaques 
Silver Pyre - AeXE
Sion Orgon - Zsigmondy Experience
Skullflower – Fucked on a pile of corpses
The Sleeper has Awakened - s/t
Small Cruel Party - Ceremonies of Memory I & II
Soundtrack - Blood on Satan's Claw
Soundtrack - Forbidden Planet
Spiritualized - Sweet Heart Sweet Light
The Spits - V
Lehn Strid - Here There 
Strings of Consciousness - From Beyond Love
Sun Ra - I Am Strange  
Susumu Yokota - Dreamer
Take: - S/T
Darren Tate - A Strange Artifact
Teeth of the Sea - Master
Tele.S.Therion - Untitled
Terrapin - Killing HF Harlow
Thee Oh Sees - Carrion Crawler/The Dream
Thisquietarmy and Scott Cortez - Meridians
Thollem/Parker/Cline - The Gowanus Session
To Live and Shave in LA - The Grief that Shrieked to Multiply
Transmuteo - Motivational Holography
Trapist - The Golden Years
Trophies - Become Objects of Daily Use
Troum - Mare Idiophonika
Turbulent Times - #9 the mid-life crisis issue
Various Artists - Personal Space Electronic Soul 1974 - 1984
Various - Autumn Blood
Various - Boddie Recording Company: Cleveland, Ohio
Various - The Harmonic Series
Various Artists - Impendance
Various - 5 September 1982 - A Tribute to John Cage
Various - The Sound of Siam : Leftfield Luk Thung, Jazz and Molam in Thailand
Various - Swedish Contemporary Music
Various Artists - Stockholm Elektronmusikfestival
Franck Vigroux - We (Nous Autres)
Yoshi Wada - The Appointed Cloud
Yoshi Wada - Earth Horns with Electronic Drone
Yoshi Wada - Off the Wall
Chris Watson - Oceanus Pacificus
Chris Watson and Marcus Davidson - Cross Pollination
Lee Westwood - To Sleep
Wires Under Tension - Replicant
Wolf People - Fain
Woodpecker Wooliams - The Bird School of being Human
Wzt Hearts - Threads Rope Spell Making Your Bones
Mia Zabelka - M
Jason Zeh& Ben Gwilliam - Dots